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Interview Question – Tell Me Something about Yourself

In a job or an internship, amongst the most frequently asked interview questions is ‘tell me something about yourself.’ It is one of the most frequently used techniques for initiating a conversation. Alternatively, a recruiter could ask this question in the following ways: ‘walk me through your resume,’ ‘how would you describe yourself,’ or ‘tell me something about yourself that is not on your resume.’


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How to Begin

Brainstorming answers to the interview question “tell me about yourself”

Your response to “‘tell me something about yourself” or similar open-ended questions should be carefully planned as it can be difficult to get started. To help you stay on track, the following are a few questions to ponder as you brainstorm possible responses and structure your response:


What characteristics make you an ideal candidate for this position?

Consider what makes you unique as a job applicant for this position. Perhaps it’s your years of experience, a sought-after specialization, training, or technical skills. Examine the job description carefully and make a note of how you exceed the requirements.

What drew you to the role?

Consider why you’re excited about this position, how it fits into your larger career goals, and why you believe it’s the best next step.

What drew you to the company or industry?

After researching the company and industry, you should have a better understanding of the mission, goals, and industry trends. Are these goals consistent with the professional objectives you’ve established for yourself? What about the company as a whole do you admire and respect? What excites you about the industry’s future?

As you begin to craft your story, connect the dots between your professional objectives, the company’s future vision, and any industry trends you believe are particularly significant.

With the foregoing in mind, consider the following: What positive trait or characteristic have I possessed for a long period of time that will serve me well in this role?

For instance, have your friends or coworkers describe you as being particularly organized, curious, entrepreneurial, or generous? Consider how you perceive yourself or how others perceive you. Then consider recent instances in your life when you demonstrated that characteristic.


How to Respond to the Interview Question “Tell Me About Yourself”

How you answer the “‘tell me something about yourself ” question has the potential to set the tone for the remainder of the interview. In general, when you practice your response, you want to be able to tell a compelling story about yourself in no more than two minutes. Include the following in your response:

  • Mention prior experiences and demonstrated success in relation to the position. Reread the job description to begin. Take note of the necessary skills you possess and recent examples that demonstrate them. In an ideal world, you’d draw heavily on recent professional experience. Volunteer work, on the other hand, can bolster your narrative while demonstrating your commitment to your community.
  • Consider how your current position relates to the position for which you are applying. Is this a more senior position? If so, describe how your current position requires you to take on additional responsibilities. If you’re making a lateral move to a role that requires a different set of skills, explain how your current abilities translate into the new position.
  • Concentrate on your strengths and abilities that you can demonstrate through examples. When writing the script for each example, focus on details and quantifiable outcomes. For instance, stating that you “improved customer service” is less impactful than stating that you “increased customer service response rates by 10%–15% each quarter.” If you lack precise information, make an educated guess.
  • To break the ice for ‘tell me something about yourself’ question, emphasize your personality. Because the “Tell Me About Yourself” interview question is intended to help the interviewer get to know you, it’s a good idea to share information about your personality with the interviewer—but avoid sharing personal details.


 Tell Me Something about Yourself


Tell me something about yourself sample answer

Here are the sample answers for the tell me something about yourself interview question.

Answer to tell me something about yourself for fresher

“Two months ago, I earned a bachelor’s degree in engineering. I chose that field of study because I’ve always been interested in math and physics, and several family members advised me that it leads to a variety of career opportunities. One of my most significant accomplishments during my academic career was speaking at a convention on the subject of energy-efficient architecture, based on research I conducted for one of my senior-level classes. This led to an internship, which I recently finished, and I’m currently looking for full-time employment.”

This is one of the most articulated answers for tell me something about yourself for fresher.


Tell me something about yourself answer for experienced professionals

“I earned a business degree in 2010 and was immediately offered an account management position by a telecommunications company where I interned. I enjoyed interacting with customers and managing and growing my accounts, but the industry in which we worked was unappealing. Following that, I stayed for an entire year and learned a lot, and also became one of the best performers before leaving. I left after a year and continued in a similar position in a much more exciting industry—healthcare. I’ve been working in the healthcare startup space for two years with this company and am ready to advance my career, which is why I’m currently seeking a new opportunity.”


Key points for tell me something about yourself sample answer

Do’s for tell us something about yourself interview question

  • Indicate the characteristics and abilities that you believe qualify you as a candidate.
  • Justify your interest in the role, the organization, and how it would assist you in achieving your career goals.
  • Mention any previous accomplishments at your previous job or university that you believe will help you succeed. Make certain to include examples.
  • If you’re changing careers to a more senior position or a different industry entirely, explain how you’re increasing your responsibilities in your current position.
  • These points are extremely important and must be kept in mind while answering tell us something about yourself questions


Don’ts for tell me something about yourself answer

  • Avoid disclosing personal information such as marital status, family background, or children.
  • Avoid contentious issues such as politics and religious affiliations, as they may have an impact on your candidacy.
  • Do not include skills or interests that are irrelevant to the job you want. Rather than that, focus on the qualities that you believe are relevant to the role.
  • Make no attempt to summarise your resume. The interviewer is interested in your personality, which is not reflected on your resume. Describe activities that are not listed on your resume.
  • Keep the duration to no more than two minutes. Make an attempt to respond to the question in less than two minutes.



These are just a few examples of how you should carefully craft your response to the “Tell me about yourself” question.

Bear in mind that there is no “correct” way to conduct an interview. The key to nailing the answer is to understand what an employer is looking for in a candidate and to sell it in a way that complements your resume and personality. Confidence comes from being true to yourself and your career goals; the answer will follow.


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