How to efficiently decline a job without being struck off the list 2021

When you decline a job does not mean that you are systematically blacklisted by the company! However, you have to know how to decline it tactfully.

Sometimes, after you apply and take the tests, you realize that the job is not for you and you have to decline the job offer. However, you are afraid to give up on the recruiting process because you think it could give you a bad reputation within the company. And therefore having to definitively give up the possibility of working there.

However, refusing a job is not necessarily inevitable! As long as you do it properly … Here are some tips on the matter.

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Decline a job offer promptly

If you have to say no, you better do it early. This limits the damage. If you let a recruiter wait for days you will leave a very bad impression on him. So if you realize that after the first interview you are not cut out, thank him for his time, and say you need to think it over. This will prevent your rejection from being a surprise.

“It’s not you, it’s me”

When announcing your decision, don’t say too much. Don’t criticize the company, just talk about your feelings. “Don’t be specific and use positive language,” advises Mean McCann, CEO of IT Recruitment at McCann Partners in an article on Dice.

If you don’t want to keep the door open for an upcoming application, don’t talk about the salary or duties included in the job, as this could be seen as a negotiating strategy. Also, don’t mention that you took on another job if you did because you might sound like someone arrogant.

The protocol

If you went through a third party during your application, they will take care of announcing the bad news to the company, so settle for a polite email thanking the recruiter for the opportunity.

However, if you have applied directly to Human Resources, it will seem more professional to announce your rejection over the phone before sending an email. Briefly justify yourself, don’t give too much detail.

decline a job

In conclusion…

Declining a job is part of the recruitment process, recruiters are used to it. So you don’t need a long explanation; you just need to know how to be tactful!

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