What if you haven’t been employed for more than 6 months?

Not being in a position for a while can make your job search difficult, but it is possible to overcome this barrier.

Taking a break from your career for whatever reason certainly gives you rest, but also comes with its share of downsides, including being dependent on loved ones for your minimal income.

This is perhaps what makes you want to find a job. You know, however, that you will have a hard time explaining a six month gap in your CV! Fortunately, there are a few tips for reinvesting in the workforce after a long break. Here are four.

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Many engineers think that the longer they are unemployed, the less likely they are to find one. Ditch that point of view and look for deals anyway. Most engineers today know that job security is unpredictable, so recruiters and employers will certainly understand transition periods in your resume.

Change your strategy

Maybe it’s your way of looking for work that isn’t effective. Are you using the right platforms? Are you contacting the right people?

The problem could also be your qualifications. Recruiters will assess your performance based on the interview, your CV, your skills and qualifications, your behavior on social media, among others. Remember, engineering is a fast moving industry, so try to be up to date with your technical knowledge.

Take advantage of the labor shortage

Quebec’s aging population creates many vacancies in the labor market, and expertise, particularly in engineering, is eagerly sought after. This can increase your chances of carving out a place for yourself despite your period of inactivity!


If the problem stems from your inexperience, as is the case with many young engineering graduates, one of the best ideas to gain is to volunteer. Find a project or an organization corresponding to your field, and advance your career by investing a few hours in it.


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