Best ways to adapt a career in Insurance Underwriting in 2021

How to Change Current Career Path Into Different Employment ?

Readers ask how to star a career in insurance underwriting, with undergraduate degrees already under their belt. It takes more education

Finishing an undergraduate degree doesn’t mean the graduate has to stick to that field. There’s no time like the present to get further education and get into a specialized stream of employment, and it won’t cost another degree to do it.

Career in Insurance Underwriting

Q. My name is DF and I am finishing my Bachelors Degree in Business Administration this year and seeking a career in insurance underwriting and would like the proper advice on what to do and how to do things appropriately.

A. Much depends on where you live, as state and provincial requirements change due to local laws. The best approach is to contact an insurance company you would like to work for and ask about their inside training programs. Most will help you through the training program so that they have a new employee at the end of it. Often there are specific career fairs where insurance or investment companies actively recruit potential employees such as yourself – a degree in business makes you a top candidate!

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Talk to Someone Already Working in Insurance Underwriting

Ask for human resources when you call, and explain you are looking to become an insurance underwriter, and if there is someone you might talk to at the company to help direct you to appropriate training. Once you have that name, be sure to either email or call them. Either way, explain you would like some information about becoming an underwriter, and if you could please have about 10 min of their time now. Even better, offer to meet them and you will provide the coffee from a local Starbucks or Tim Hortons – who could resist that offer?

Related Career – Financial Advisor, Insurance Claim Adjuster or Appraiser or Examiner

You may also become interested in their programs to be a financial advisor – again, most insurance and investment companies offer company-sponsored training. Many companies will also hire you while you are training through their program.

As well, once you have the necessary training under your belt, you may want to consider becoming an insurance claim adjuster, or an insurance appraiser, or an insurance examiner. Again, the company would train you through their own program. Remember, while there are rules governing these paths, each company can decide it’s own regulations within the laws. The company decides the risk level, etc.

The Insurance Writers handbook (USA) site will help you decide on your path.

Good luck!

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