June 2, 2023

5 Jobs That Require You to Carry a Handgun

If you are looking for jobs that require you to carry a handgun, you are in luck, because there is literally a plethora of available positions. In most states, carrying a firearm requires a concealed carry permit, but when it comes to getting a job that requires a little extra protection, you can carry a firearm right on your waist holster. When it comes down to it, many of these jobs require some kind of protection service – you may be protecting one person or an entire community. Whatever the case is, the jobs that require you to carry a handgun are both fulfilling and exciting.

Here are five jobs that require you to carry a handgun.

  • A special agent. A special agent will usually work with one of the many federally funded agencies that are responsible for securing the safety of American citizens. You may work for the Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearm agency – otherwise known as the ATF. Or you may be working for the DEA, or Drug Enforcement Agency. As a special agent, it will be your responsibility to work with other agents to take down illegal and illicit organizations and thus it is one of those jobs  that require you to carry a handgun.
  • Firearm instructor. This is another job that can be fulfilling, and compared to other firearm positions, becoming an instructor can be much safer. As a firearm instructor, it will be your job to teach individuals everything there is to know about pistols and other hand-gripped weapons. You will teach students how to use a pistol – and how to use it safely. It will be your responsibility to give individuals the knowledge they need to operate a firearm, which can be important if they want to become police officers or personal security guards. In those positions, it is critical that you not only know how to use a gun, but that you know how to assemble, clean and shoot a gun safely.
  • Police officer. A police officer is an integral part of any community. As a police officer, it will be your job to protect and serve a certain community, so that you can keep people safe and crime to a minimum. Also, as a police officer, you will be required to carry a handgun on your person while you are on duty. To officially become a police officer, you must go through police academy training.

Jobs that require you to carry a handgun

  • A security guard. Like a police officer, a security guard is there to protect and serve. The difference between a police officer and a security guard is that you are usually protecting one individual or a store. For instance, a bank or jewelry store may hire a security guard to protect inventory. A security guard can usually undergo their own training. An aspiring security guard may also want to visit Shooting.org to find a gun range – marksmanship is everything as a security guard.
  • A bounty hunter. A bounty hunter is a unique position, because it isn’t really part of any agency and it is purely for the thrill of the chase. As a bounty hunter, your job is to essentially catch fugitives who are out on bail. Bounty hunters make their money from the bounty they receive after catching the criminal. As a bounty hunter, you must be tough and you must know exactly what you are doing.

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