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5 challenges that only engineers understand


It is not only its advantages that make the genius unique, but also its difficulties …

There are certain difficulties that only engineers can understand, and this is what helps them support each other. Here are five in which all engineering professionals will recognize themselves… If you are a true engineer, the titles alone should be enough to make you sigh!


Let’s look at some of the problems faced by Engineers: 

You are always the one who has to fix broken devices

When people find out that you are an engineer, they usually quickly start talking about one of their devices that is not performing well, hoping you take a look. However, they do not understand that the specialty of engineers is theory, not practice … In addition, if you refuse, you look like a selfish!


You have to help the children with their homework

It is constantly assumed that even though you are an engineer, you know more than others. For this reason, you are always asked to help children complete their homework, whether it is your children or those of others.

But the real problem is not that you have to help this child, rather it is the fact that you are very likely to get too enthusiastic and continue working on it when the homework is already completed and the child with it. which you were supposed to be working on is gone for a snack or even to bed!


Nobody understands you

Rather, let’s say that very few people understand you. Indeed, all the notions of physics and mathematics that you use on a daily basis are only understood by very few people.

So when your non-engineer friends (or even your spouse (e)) ask you how your day went and you give them the details, you might as well speak to them in Mandarin …



At university, not all students attend classes … Also, when you manage to make friends, do not get too attached: a large number of students do not finish their baccalaureate, change programs, or even delay their studies. Maybe this is why there are so many committees and technical societies in engineering schools?


Lack of female presence

Nowadays there are more and more women getting involved in engineering. This is great news, as their presence brings a new perspective to this traditionally male world. However, parity is still far from being achieved, so we must continue to encourage young women who wish to become engineers not to be put off by the over-representation of men.


And you tell us , what are the difficulties you face in your work?



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