June 2, 2023

Best tips to answer work history interview questions : A guide for 2021

If you’re an experienced person & have work history  in multiple companies and now looking for a job switch then you should be prepared for work history interview questions while facing the interview. The hiring managers will most certainly ask you the interview question tell me about your work history  or similar work history interview questions.

For a professional appearance, you should mention a brief about your past job & its roles & responsibilities in your resume. Additionally, you can mention starting & ending date of employment, position with paid compensation, name & addresses, or even pertinent manager or supervisor names.

And most importantly, be prepared with oral details if the recruiter asked about mentioned information.

If 10-persons coming to the same position with relevant experience, then the success of grabbing a job depends upon how well you answer the question related to your experience. It will help the recruiter to understand your previous job skills-set and how do you deal with co-workers & face challenges in work.


How to Prepare for Work History Interview Questions?


It’s seen, some applicants don’t answer work history wisely instead just make a fumble.

Stay Away From Them!

If you don’t know how to create & mention your work experience then hire a resume writing service. And before going for an interview, ask similar questions & speak them loudly in front of the mirror. This would boost up your confidence. Make sure to keep remembering previous employment details correctly.


Work History Interview Questions


Here’re some of the common work history interview questions, you may be asked, so prepare for them:


What is your experience level?

When you’re speaking about your experience, it’s necessary to limit yourself to talk in a work context instead of a personal context. Also, think about your soft skills besides of hard skills & credentials. Soft skills play a very important role too in your job interview questions and can increase your chances of selection tremendously.


What Major Challenges & Problems you resolved?

Show a problem-solving attitude here that separates you different from other candidates. Here talk about the examples or any short story on how did you handle professionally. Any reward you can also share here.

Here is an example of a CV in the form of bullets:

work history interview questions


Why did you leave your previous job? OR Why are you looking for a new job?

This is an important question when it comes to work history interview questions. So key thing to keep in mind of, don’t to talk about any negativity with your supervisor, boss, or team leader. Answer this question in a professional way like ‘Looking for Career Growth’ or ‘Looking to scale up the skill-sets, etc. Read the following article related to why are you looking for a new job’.


What you like & dislike about your previous job?

This can be another variation of the interview question tell me about your work history  , so be prepared for it in advance. Never say anything negative about your previous job, If you were having any issue so express it in a positive way. Majorly talk about the positivity you had in your previous job.


Any Biggest Accomplishment or Failure during the previous job?

This question will give you a pitch to talk about how you helped your team or employer during some challenge but make sure to keep minor failure and what did you learn from that failure.


Remember Employment Company Name & Other Details

Sometimes recruiter asks about past company details, so keep remembering the last employed company names, profile, dates, supervisor details, etc.


Remember Compensation Details

Never talk about compensation first from yourself. Keep remembering starting to final compensation details for each company.

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