With increasing demand for jobs in Canada, the role of employment agencies is gaining prominence across the country. Hiring firms provide services that benefit both job seekers and employers. These job placement firms act as the vital link between hiring companies and skilled candidates who are required to fill any vacant positions that arise.

There are many job placement firms out there, but you should choose wisely. The services offered by these firms vary in terms of satisfaction and professionalism levels. Before deciding to outsource hiring functions or look for a job with a recruitment agency, first get to know what kind of services to expect. Here is an outline of what a good job placement agency should offer to both employers and those looking for employment.

Good Candidate Recruitment Services

The success of any organization or business depends on the calibre of its workforce. As a result, hiring the right employees for job openings is a critical factor that will determine productivity within a company. Any good staffing agency should demonstrate its commitment towards finding the best candidates by providing a comprehensive recruitment process.

Generally, recruitment services that one should expect to avail from a good staffing firm include the following.

  • Candidate Sourcing
  • Job applicant profiling and vetting
  • Candidate selection based on merit

When a job opening at your company is available, the human resource staff of your chosen recruitment firm should start looking for candidates on their jobssite database. The firm may also deploy other recruitment methods to increase your candidate pool.

Before selecting the ideal candidate for the position at hand, thorough screening of each job applicant is necessary. Any expert recruitment company will handle the vetting process with interviews, verification of backgrounds, and even assessment tests so that candidates can prove their skills.

Finding a Job with a Reliable Recruitment Agency

In the current competitive job market, it is only sensible for job seekers to take measures that will increase their odds of getting employment. With scarce job opportunities and limitations of networking, job placement agencies can help you find employment that matches your skill sets. This however will depend on the job search agency you choose to work with.

Be on the lookout for job placement firms that provide a positive candidate experience. Some of the services you should expect from such firms include.

  • Assessment of your  core skills and competencies
  • A place on their candidate database
  • Briefing about prospective employers before interviews
  • Competitive rates and terms of service

It is normal to take interviews along with skill tests when signing up with professional job recruitment companies. This allows the recruiters to gain a deep understanding of the core competencies and skills you possess. Through this process, job seekers have an opportunity to express the expectations and goals as well. This approach is therefore necessarily in order to find the perfect job fit for candidates.

Besides knowing the scope of service provided by your chosen job search agency, make sure to pick a company that will make it easy to find a job. When looking for a job agency in Lexington or elsewhere, you will find many firms making promises of having helped job seekers to find a wide variety of employment opportunities that range from general labor jobs, to management and executive level roles. Keep in mind though that a good recruitment company is one that that specializes with job placements in your field.

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