December 10, 2023

What professional skills should you highlight on a CV?


1. Technical professional skills

Technical professional skills, also called “hard skills”, are operational know-how.

This can be mastery of software, project management, mastery of a foreign language, a payroll management tool, the production of an accounting balance sheet, etc.

Technical things!


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2. Behavioral skills

Behavioral operational skills – or soft skills – for their part, depend on your personality, your personal qualities.

On a job offer, we find these behavioral skills at the bottom of the ad, in the candidate’s “profile” section.

Example: team spirit, autonomous, knows how to take initiatives, creative, able to manage a team from a distance …


3. The skills most popular with recruiters

What skills are most valued by recruiters?

Today, recruiters are no longer looking for general candidates who know “a bit of everything”.

What they really want are candidates who have developed real skills in specific areas!

The unavoidable :

  • Mastering office tools:

Le fameux PACK OFFICE : Word, Excel, PowerPoint.

Warning ! It’s not enough to just put Excel on your CV: be specific!

There are several levels of proficiency in Excel.

Write down what you can do: complete a spreadsheet, perform V searches, H searches, mastery of TCD (pivot table), VBA …

  • Have very good writing skills:

A good command of spelling is always highly appreciated

  • Master one or more foreign languages

Another thing that we see very often on the announcements is the mastery of certain foreign languages. Don’t forget to mention your level! This could be decisive for your application.

  • Know how to manage a team

What companies are in high demand at the moment are people with strong managerial skills. Managers capable of managing people remotely, by teleworking, able to re-motivate teams that have struggled to achieve their objectives.

  • Know how to negotiate

One of the skills highly sought after in a candidate is his commercial spirit, his ability to negotiate, to evolve as a team.

Today more than ever, we are really looking for candidates who will think collectively before thinking personally.

If you have these skills, it’s important to make them a strength!

And then, we are also looking for people who know how to adapt, who are flexible, who know how to show initiative, able to readjust to changes in the situation, able to work in complete autonomy from telework.

So now, how do you promote professional skills?

There are two places for this: the CV and the Cover letter.

4. How to showcase your skills on your CV?

Important note: It does not You don’t have to do a CV out of competence!

Recruiters don’t like this type of CV at all (unlike in the past) and often that’s one of the reasons why your application is not selected!

However, that does not mean that you will not have to put skills on your CV. Yes of course.

You go, through your experiences, highlight these skills. But avoid being too generic!

I see this error quite often on the CVs of candidates who think that making a CV is all about rewriting their job descriptions.

Example: they will write that they are able to do project management, administrative management, etc.

These are too generic tasks!

We don’t know what you did. The recruiter wants to know precisely:

  • What type of project have you carried out?
  • How many people have you managed?
  • What budget do you have under your responsibility?
  • What results have you achieved?

And then, on a CV, there are also sections dedicated to skills.

The best known are the “Languages” or “Computer” sections, use this space to show precisely what you can do.

If you feel that you have really developed skills that are highly sought after by recruiters today and few other candidates have, it may also be useful to highlight these two skills at the top of the CV.

5. How to promote your skills on a cover letter?

On your cover letter, I expect you to talk about your motivation (of course) your legitimacy to succeed in the missions that are requested in the advertisement (of course), but also your personal qualities: soft skills !

Now is the time to explain them!

Show who you are, how you function, how you will succeed in integrating into a team or the manager …

Today, it’s really important to try to stand out from other candidates.

Being able to focus on one’s skills, to be aware of them, to make them a strength and to succeed in standing out is an essential step in any job search.

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