December 10, 2023
What is your Greatest Strength

Greatest Strength Interview Question Sample Answers

At the point when an employer inquires, “what is your greatest strength”, there are two or three things they’re hoping to hear. There are additionally a couple of things they truly don’t have any desire to hear. 

So in this article, we will see some example deals with, what is your greatest strength answer samples that will dazzle the employer.

“What is your greatest strength interview question”-how to answer

Your qualities say a ton about you as a candidate. 

By getting some information about your qualities, this is what the questioner is searching for: 

  • They need to know whether you know your own qualities 
  • They need to know whether you’re sensible 
  • They need to know whether your qualities are important for the work

Thus, to answer accurately, you need to pass on the over 3 focuses in your reply and give a relatable picture of the strength in real life. You can guarantee you’re the most dedicated individual on the planet and astounding at using time productively. But if you didn’t give any example, it’ll sound like you are making up the whole thing. Thus, while taking into account which solidarity to specify, ponder when the last time you utilized it was. 

What was the deal? How could you respond to the circumstance? How did your strengths assist with taking care of the issue? 

Greatest strength interview samples #1

  • Express your strengths
  • Give a situation of when you utilized this strength and how 
  • Describe what sort of effect you made

What if you don’t know, “what is your greatest strength”


What is your Greatest Strength

In case you don’t know about your qualities, request some from your companions or associates what they see as your most desirable characteristics. Allude to any composed criticism you’ve gotten in the past from friends or directors. 

A few instances of qualities include: 

What is your greatest strength #2

  • Imaginative 
  • Patient 
  • Compassionate 
  • Adaptable/Versatile 
  • Fair 
  • Excited/Passionate 
  • Cooperative 
  • Restrained/Focused 
  • Dedicated 
  • Conscious 
  • Imaginative 
  • Pioneering

What Should Not Be Said

Biggest strength Interview question

When asked, “what is your greatest strength” You ought to be open to articulating what makes you an optimal up-and-comer. Then again, you would prefer not to respond to this question with a lot of dubious strengths. Also, neither sound like you are egotistic or haughty. 

It’s best not to meander aimlessly or represent an unending length of time. Here are instances of answers that you shouldn’t give: 

What is your greatest strength #3

  • I’m likely the most talented candidate you will at any point meet. Everybody says that I am amazingly canny, dedicated, and an awesome communicator. 
  • I’m a capable artist, the bubbling energy source everyone crowds around, and an extraordinary comedian. I adapt to the challenges and don’t act over the top with routs. 
  • Recounting a boring tale won’t assist with portraying the strength. The story ought to be close to 90-seconds in length if utilizing a story to portray strength. The story has to be professional. Answering for more than 90 seconds leaves a poor impression on you.
  • Having confidence and being egotistical are two distinct modes. In the first place, to have certainty about the strength, talk concerning why the ability or strength is important to the job. Then, at that point, talk about having the strength. Or on the other hand, has developed the strength over the long run. 
  • All extraordinary pioneers realize their work is rarely finished. There is consistently an opportunity to get better with regards to craftsmanship. Toward the finish of the appropriate response, it’s ideal to say something like, “I have this strength, however, I’m continually searching for approaches to further develop it and develop my capacities.” 
  • Pick a strength that is explicit to the work job. Try not to talk about strength unimportant to the work basics. Glance through the set of working responsibilities or occupation commercial on the web; translate what abilities and qualities are needed for the work. Then, at that point, address those qualities.


What is your greatest strength Answer samples

Answers to biggest strength interview questions

What is your greatest strength interview sample # 4

  • “I’ve generally been known for my hard-working ethic. I’m focused on fulfilling time constraints and assuming liability for the nature of my performance. A couple of months prior I was working with a customer who had us on a tight cutoff time. There was a misunderstanding in the conveying of some vital administrative work and it didn’t get to our office until shutting the night prior to the cutoff time. Instead of returning home and disregarding the issue, I remained late and completed the undertaking, ensuring that our cutoff time was met, made sure that the report was accurate.”
  • “At the point when I catch wind of another test or issue. Regardless of whether it’s for the organization or the client, I get encouraged by this. I love tackling issues. That is the thing that drives me to my work each day. Conquering a test. At the point when I hear a test, I get energized, not plagued.” 
  • “Having the option to be unbiased and not being overwhelming with my viewpoints is an incredible strength. This boils down to how communication is made, realizing how to request help appropriately, and other communication procedures. I consider this being opinionated, and I trust its strength of mine.”
  • “In my past work, I was placed into a position where I needed to adapt rapidly. Rather than tumbling to the side in light of the strain, I chose to accept the test. Learning new things since become a good time for me. Furthermore, I have a cycle for leaving on new obligations at work.”
  • “I believe it’s vital to check out our work with a fair and moderate focal point. This is truly useful while being a cooperative person for clients. I feel this is solid centre strength of mine.”
  • “Work ought to be entertaining. Cheerful individuals regularly accomplish better work, see things all the more obviously and stay with the organization longer. I need to have a good time while achieving work. Not simply have a good time in a group environment. I like to carry that with me any place I go.” 
  •  “I will in general study things on a key level. Distil them down to shortsighted thoughts and thoughts to all the more likely and then decide. At the point when things appear glaringly evident, I feel like it’s the best course to pursue that. Intelligent reasoning is a strength, and I can carry it with me to the group.”

However, regularly one of the most ridiculously feared questions, when you set aside an effort to set up an insightful reaction, you can make a special tale concerning what your identity is and where you need to go. As you set up your answers, transform shortcomings into challenges that you’ve survived and qualities into the explanation. You’re ideal for the work. So bold up and answer “what is your greatest strength”.

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