What if your boss wants you to resign?

What if your boss wants you to resign?

Some superiors are slyly trying to force the resignation of some of their employees. This method is well known and even has a name. How to react if you are the victim of this maneuver?

Some bosses don’t like confronting their employees about their performance, thus avoiding a sticky situation. Rather than confrontation, they then choose to push their employees out the door. This passive-aggressive method has a name: the ” managing out ». An article published on Dice explains how to react to such a practice.

Ask yourself if you really want to stay

Just because your boss uses this kind of method doesn’t mean you have to oppose it. Indeed, it is better to ask yourself what your goal is first. Do you really want to stay in this position, or is it just a step on your professional path? Asking yourself this question not only helps build a good strategy, Dice says, it also gives you a sense of control.

There are other questions you should ask yourself when planning your next move. Have you ever faced other criticism from your boss? Are there things you needed to do that you didn’t do? Can and do you want to improve your performance?


Your boss may be stressed out and neglecting others as much as you. He possibly has bad habits and is playing favoritism. And while these behaviors are not acceptable, they are not geared towards your resignation, so don’t confuse the signs.


Approach your boss

If things haven’t gone too far yet, you may be able to work things out with your boss. Simply explain to him that you have felt for some time that there is something about you or your job that he does not appreciate, ask him if you are right to believe such a thing, and if so, what that can be changed.

If you’re emotional, plan your conversation ahead of time, and don’t complain to HR or coworkers like so many people do. Indeed, you can always be wrong, and you certainly don’t want to create a reputation for yourself as a crying wolf.


And if your boss does indeed want you to resign, or if he decides to finally fire you, you can negotiate your allowances, and you will finally know what is going on.

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