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Best answers to the interview question Now tell me what are your hobbies: A guide for 2021

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Why do they focus on what are your hobbies?


They ask you what are your hobbies in an interview question chiefly for two reasons:  

  • What are your hobbies interview question allows them to understand who you are. If you were to tell me that you are hobbies reading book, or even watching television. You are giving an idea that you are probably an introverted person, a person who likes being with yourself.
  • A person who does not interact with others. Now this can be looked down upon in today’s world.Today we are looking at people who can interact, socialize, can work and things. So whenever you are asked about hobbies, don’t just to give one hobby. Tell three or four hobbies. But, one of which should be a group activity.
  • They focus on what are your hobbies because hobbies is something that you do out of your own interest. Gentlemen, therefore, the company will start exploring a little more into your hobby.How much do you know about your hobby? The reason is very simple.
  • If you cannot answer questions on your own hobbies that is to say in areas which you are passionate about, then how will you probably know, or seek knowledge in areas you’re not interested. So one of the things that you need to do is whatever hobby you have expect in depth questions and more importantly, be prepared for the same.

Let’s go back and try to understand how to best answer what are your hobbies and interests interview question

Anything to do with adventure is a fantastic hobby.

If you want to put some more life say that you like going on long rides or that you are a person who is into rock climbing.You may also say  you are into trekking, companies will love you for that as it’s about team spirit if you reply with this in an interview question about hobbies.

When asked what are your hobbies ,hobbies which are different can be used as an advantage when it comes to an interview question. If I’m an Indian gentleman and I talk about cricket as my hobby. That is not something that is great because every Indian boy loves cricket. But if a lady were to say that she’s interested in cricket, the interviewer will be excited about this reply to his interview question because, generally, yes it’s a stereotype, but the fact of the matter is, it’s believed that women are not so much into cricket, as opposed to gentlemen. So if a lady were to reply to an interview question by saying that she’s interested in cricket follow-up questions will be asked .

 Similarly if a man responds to what are your hobbies by saying he’s interested in cooking, follow-up questions might be asked.

what are your hobbies


Important note for what are your hobbies example answers:

When answering what are your hobbies interview question don’t talk about conventional hobbies, hobbies which others will mentioned, for example, I did mention about cricket.

If you are a lady, and you look conservative. Your thoughts are conservative, and then you come from a background which screams to me you’re conservative and then you tell me the fact that you love playing with kids as a hobby now I’m a little worried.Understand what to speak, what not to speak. Hobbies, are a very important element of what you are.

 Now whenever you choose a hobby, as I said earlier, learn more about it because further questions can be asked. Whenever interviewers tend to ask more questions immediately people say, “Sir, It’s only a hobby. “Don’t do that. It is your hobby, obviously you are expected to know more about that than I am.

So if you are into singing, you should probably be prepared to sing if they ask, which they might. If you love playing chess, it’s a big plus, because talks about logic . But if asked in a counter to what are your hobbies interview question “Can you name me one or two good chess players” and you should be able to name a few. Similarly if asked, “What are the one or two opening moves in chess”, you need to give jargons or technical terms to describe these opening moves through which you exhibit that you are an expert. I talked about is singing, and even dancing, you know, why is it interesting.

The moment you talk about singing and dancing while answering what are your hobbies interview question there is a very good chance they’ll ask you to sing and dance. Please don’t be taken aback, especially if you said singing.So when they do ask you to sing show the fact that you can sing, pick up a song which is an exciting song, sing and make the most important of it. Why is singing a fantastic is because the person was interviewing, has been interviewing all day, he or she is tired, and then when you come in and talk about singing is a good break.

But understand the difference between singing and classical singing. The moment you say classical singing is your hobby it’s much more in appealing because with classical singing is not a joke. You need patience, it needs, perseverance, so if you are a person who has been into classical singing, and have been trained for three to four years, mention the fact that you have had training for three to five years.

What not to say when asked what are your hobbies: I also wanted to become a singer. My father did give me an instrument, I played with it for a week, got bored then left it.



 One of the suggestions I have very strongly for you to answer this interview question is to shortlist the three or four hobbies and do a bit of research. If you do talk about going on long drives, get to know a little bit about bikes as well. Get to know what the places you have been expect questions like, tell them what are the challenges you found when you went for a driving lesson.Research questions which will help you talk about the fact that you are not just a person who is narrow in thought but the spectrum of your vision is a little more wider, and that’s exactly the image that you want to make.


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