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What are the best reasons for leaving a job: Interview questions guide 2021

Usually, we hear different stories from person to person, how they handled very common job interview questions asking about reasons for leaving a job such why are you leaving your current job? And why did you leave your last job? And if you’ve worked for 2-3 companies then definitely you may also face similar questions at least once in your employee journey.Thus you should have good reasons for leaving a job.

Actually, there’s no common answer to this question, every person having different circumstances and may leaving a job in case of any trouble or maybe for career growth.

In this article, we will share some tips on how to answer ‘why are you looking for a new job?’ in a balanced way without bashing your last company.

Purpose of asking reasons for leaving a job

After having your introduction & qualification explanation, your hiring depends upon how further you communicate. These kinds of questions give a common surface to carry on the discussion that helps the employer in hiring decisions. You should never discuss any past event that takes negativity in your communication.

So there may be 2-questions you may need to answer, which sounds similar sense:

·         Why do you want to leave your current job?

·         Why did you leave your last job?

How to answer questions asking you reasons for leaving a job

See, never put yourself into negative while answering any question. Make sure to cast the answer that keeps you in positive lights in the eyes of a recruiter. 

You should never answer like ‘My team leader is rude & keeping me busy with work during off-hours also’. That may be true but remember never to point out an individual during an interview. 

Instead of highlighting issues, you mention the opportunities you may gain from a new job. Try to keep individuals out of your answers. When you’re giving interviews in the same city, so it may possibly the recruiter already knows the individual you’re mentioning so in that case your job interview may ruin.

reasons for leaving a job

This is how you should answer questions regarding reasons for leaving a job

So here we have mentioned a couple of examples on how to answer “why are you looking for a new job?”. These examples would help to think differently as per your own situation which passes positivity to the recruiter & more confidence about you.

Reasons for leaving a job: Quick Tips


“I joined my current company as a software developer but now being stuck in repetitive tasks instead of logical programming. So I am looking for a more challenging job where I can utilize my skillset & scale up the career.”

If you speak in such a sense, the recruiter would definitely be impressed as you have projected yourself as a skillful employee who wants to learn & grow and doesn’t want to be in a comfortable state.

Another Example:

Our company has shut down the IoT Programming, so the concerned department has relieved from the job.

If your company has been shut down your working department, so you can answer clearly to the recruiter. 

Few Tips for reasons for leaving a job:

  • Prepare in Advance: Leave personal words from your answer. Prepare a brief for your answer so you don’t stumble.
  • Avoid Negativity: Again never talk about managers, owners, or colleagues. You can talk about company goals & processes and if you do not agree with the process execution etc.
  • Be Honest & Clear: We suggest being clear with your answers honestly. Talk in brief instead of the whole truth. Prepare words into formal sentences without any negative or personal touch.

What not to say in reasons for leaving a job:

  • As above said, leave personal notes & negativity about anyone.
  • Never discuss salary first until the recruiter asks you
  • Keep your answers short, clear & to the point without any explanation until asked.

If you’re having any questions related to the above information, you can comment below.

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