basketball player job description

NBA Basketball Player Job Description

NBA Basketball Player Job Description

basketball player job description

What Does an NBA Player Do?

NBA players are professional basketball players responsible for playing hard on the court in all games and give their level best in practice to best represent the team in public and private. Now Pro Basketball player’s reputation is not obligated to serve as a role model for the younger generation as a player’s career advancement depends on how well they can represent their particular organization. Thus having the fame of being a player is just a bonus. 

Each NBA player is expected to play to the best of their abilities in all the games on the basketball court, however, sometimes they don’t perform that well as everyone can have some bad days and get stuck in a rut. However, players are expected to play and give it their all, as NBA players have a pretty high standard to maintain to stay in the team. All the members must undergo rigorous amounts of exercise sessions and report to practice under coach orders whenever scheduled. NBA players are also required to keep all information related to the team away from the media, therefore the inner working of the team never leaves the organization.

NBA Player Job Description for Resume-Responsibilities

For becoming a part of the NBA Family you will need to be very clear on the responsibilities associated with the job. The job description for becoming an NBA player is that the individual must be primarily free of any previous injuries and have no concerning health issues. This means that the individual must have no alarming injuries earlier to be prepared and fit to play in the basketball games and perform well. The talent for becoming a part of the team is very important as if you are just average in the game, you are not likely to get selected to become a part of the team. Thus skill, talent, and drive for the game are very important.

If you applying for an NBA player job and are confused about how to structure your resume, then worry no further, allow us to help!. Make each section of your resume count, and structure it as if you are a player on the team. Therefore, put your skills and qualities in the front, so that they are easy to see and your recruiter gets a good impression. Each section of your resume must play a specific role and fulfill a purpose. It must all be cohesive as well.

NBA Player Required/ Essential Skills

The essential skills required for any NBA Player are shooting, passing, dribbling, and excellent mastery over footwork. Now you must be a great shooter, if you want to make your name, in the NBA. As shooting is the most important skill an NBA Player must have, therefore if you’re looking to improve any skills, make sure that your shooting skills are excellent. Another required skill you need to master is passing, as basketball is all about being a team player. You need to be a team player to be good at it.

The next skill we are listing down is said to be one of the most vital skills of all and that is dribbling, as it’s one of the most important skills for any basketball player to have. Having a good grip over dribbling is what will show that you are a master of the sport and have got what it takes to be an NBA player. Along with dribbling, try to improve your footwork and eye coordination, as these skills are required for any sport, but especially required to master basketball.

Becoming an NBA Player

To become an NBA Player, you have to have a high level of determination and drive. You must be on top of your game at all times and make sure that you give it your absolute all. Keep a cool head and be a team player. By doing all of these, you can easily become an NBA player. The work will be tough, but the reward and adoration of fans will also be supremely worth it. Therefore, if you think you have got what it takes, then we urge you to apply today and give it your best shot.

Education and Training

In terms of academic achievements, NBA Players must have completed four years of their college for automatic eligibility. However, this doesn’t mean that a formal college education is required. Even if a player doesn’t apply for college, they are required to wait at least four years after they graduate from high school to apply for an NBA Player Job.  The NBA player job description states that they are looking for someone athletic and can handle the extreme physical exertion involved in the job. Therefore, no formal education, in particular, is required for an NBA Player.

Work Experiences

Many NBA players are required to have some experience in a role related to counseling, such as a camp counselor. NBA also requires its player to have a certain level of internship hours in the bag before opting for a professional NBA Player Job. Therefore, before applying for an NBA player job, you must hold down either an internship job or some captaincy role.

Work Schedules

The work schedule listed down in the NBA player job description is very tough and hectic. On average, an NBA Player is expected to work 60-90 hours a week. For every day, their routine looks like getting up at 9, then going to practice, after which they get treated for any aches and pains. After their consultations, they eat, and after that, they spend most of their time in the gym training for any games coming up.


professional basketball player job description

How much does an NBA player make?

An NBA Player’s average salary is estimated to be around $898,310 for first-year players. However, this increases for players and is based on how much time they have spent in the league. Players are also paid on a bi-weekly basis during the regular seasons. The payout for NBA Players makes the physical effort they put in all the more worth it.

The 20 Highest Paid NBA Players 2021

1 Stephen Curry, PG Golden State Warriors $43,006,362
2 Russell Westbrook, PG Washington Wizards $41,358,814
3 Chris Paul, PG Phoenix Suns $41,358,814
4 James Harden, SG Brooklyn Nets $41,254,920
5 John Wall, PG Houston Rockets $41,254,920
6 Kevin Durant, PF Brooklyn Nets $40,108,950
7 LeBron James, SF Los Angeles Lakers $39,219,565
8 Paul George, SG LA Clippers $35,450,412
9 Klay Thompson, SG Golden State Warriors $35,361,360
10 Mike Conley, PG Utah Jazz $34,502,130
11 Jimmy Butler, SF Miami Heat $34,379,100
12 Kawhi Leonard, SF LA Clippers $34,379,100
13 Kemba Walker, PG Boston Celtics $34,379,100
14 Tobias Harris, PF Philadelphia 76ers $34,358,850
15 Khris Middleton, SF Milwaukee Bucks $33,051,724
16 Anthony Davis, PF Los Angeles Lakers $32,742,000
17 Kyrie Irving, PG Brooklyn Nets $31,742,000
18 Damian Lillard, PG Portland Trail Blazers $31,626,953
19 Kevin Love, PF Cleveland Cavaliers $31,258,256
20 Pascal Siakam, PF Toronto Raptors $30,559,200

Career Prospects

Competition in the NBA world is fierce, although it might be easier if you’re considering getting into some minor leagues. Entering the basketball world is always a gamble, as the risk of injury always looms in front of the team players. A serious injury at any time could risk ending their entire career; thus, job security in this field is not promised as such. However, if you’re young, fit, able, and looking forward to making it big in the professional world of basketball, then you should give it your all.

 If you get into the NBA, the prospects of growth are always guaranteed. However, you must perform to the best of your talents to obtain it. To be a successful basketball player, You must give it your best, which is part of the NBA Basketball Player Job description. If you want to create a consistent income from this job, you must be dedicated. But if the situation doesn’t pan out, you should also keep a career in coaching or other fields associated with the fitness industry on standby.


There you have it! We answered all of your NBA Basketball Player Job description questions. The income an NBA basketball player gets is hard deserved and worth every penny of the physical effort they have to put in each day. Even though there are not many academic qualifications required to become an NBA Basketball player, you have to show them that you have got the skill and passion that a team needs.

Not everyone can keep up with the tough and strict regime that NBA players adhere to, so if you think you have got what it takes to become a professional basketball player for the NBA, build your resume now, and show what you bring to the team and why you are suited for the job. Take up internships and keep practicing so that you can improve on all aspects of the game, i.e., dribble, footwork, and shooting! So keep practicing, and good luck!




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