Key Factors to Consider when Selecting a Career Coach

Key Factors to Consider when Selecting a Career Coach

When selecting a career coach, it’s a great idea to set up an informational interview prior to agreeing to work with them. Consider asking the coach if they’d be willing to meet for 20-30 minutes via phone or in-person. Many coaches even offer a complimentary initial informational session.

  1. Goodness of Fit

This is the most critical success factor in any coaching relationship. Do you feel comfortable when interacting with the coach? Is this someone with whom you would feel safe discussing intimate details of your life? Is it someone that you feel you can trust?

  1. Level of Self-Mastery

What work has the coach done to facilitate his or her own growth? Have they worked with a coach or other practitioner in the past? What practices do they incorporate into their life on a regular basis to foster continuous growth, development, and self-care? Have they “walked the talk?”

  1. Credentials

What are the coach’s credentials? Do they have significant experience working with individuals like you? Why did they choose to become a career coach? Are they able to provide you with some examples of successful client outcomes?

  1. Logistics

How often do coaching sessions take place? Do they take place in person or via phone? Am I required to sign a contract for a specific duration? What is the cost of each session?

  1. Coaching Style

What is their philosophy regarding the coaching relationship? Are they bound by a particular code of ethics? Do they regularly assign homework?

  1. Work Experience

Does the coach have real-world work experience that is comparable to yours? A majority of career coaches have been trained as a life coach and may lack experience to provide you with practical suggestions on how to achieve your career goals. While this is not essential to a successful outcome, it is worth considering as you evaluate different choices.

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