Job interview for salesperson and manager (questions to prepare)

Job interview for salesperson and manager (questions to prepare)

Tip n 1: take care of the reception

It is important, from the start of the interview, to take good care of the reception of your recruiter. You need to act the same way you would a customer. What are you doing?

You are smiling, you extend your hand, and you introduce yourself.

As a salesperson, you do everything to put your client at ease, ease the atmosphere … in the interview; you must act in the same way!


 Tip 2: be factual and business oriented

When aiming for a salesperson or sales manager position, numbers matter.

It is clear that you are often not factual and this is a serious mistake!

What is expected of you are numbers, results!

For example: “I managed to increase this client’s market share by 25%”.


Tip  3: For Sales Representatives, Show Your Style

You have to explain how you operate.

Are you more interested in prospecting? Are you not afraid to pick up your phone, go out into the field, and call on people?

Or you are rather someone who will be in loyalty, the move upmarket of its customers?

Tip 4: for sales managers, give your vision of management

If you are aiming for a sales manager position, there are several points that you need to review:

  1. State your vision for management.
  1. Remember that you have been an excellent salesperson who will, from now on, guide his employees to achieve the objectives set.
  1. Show that you are very result-oriented. Do not hesitate to say that you are going to set up an action plan and that you are there to drive the commercial activity of the service.
  1. Stand out by highlighting a strong point! This can be your knowledge of the field, your collaborations with competitors, the development of your address book …

In short, something that will set you apart from other candidates!

Tip 5: prepare to be put in a situation

During the job interview, you are there to be tested, so that we can define which professional you are.

You will therefore be put in a situation with questions such as:

  • How do you deal with an unhappy customer?
  • What do you do if you lost a tender?
  • How do you do if you have one of your employees who is not successful in achieving their goals?

There, what you absolutely must do is apply the STAR method.

For those who do not know this method, I will explain it to you in this article: “The STAR method for successful interviews”

Tip 6: show your motivation

You are a salesperson or a future sales manager; you must be able to show your motivation.

For this, you must release certain energy throughout the interview. By showing this energy, you will prove to the recruiter your self-confidence and your ability to achieve the goals that you will be given.

What is even more effective is to set up what is called in psychology: the mirror effect.

What is the mirror effect?

It is the fact of being attentive to his interlocutor to create a kind of mimicry.

Your goal is therefore to mimic the person in front of you.

This means that :

  • If you have a very energetic person, you are going to have to be in the same energy as that person, if not a little more.
  • If you have someone calm in front of you, think about it too, while giving some impetus to show that you are going to be that person who is going to bring a lot to the team.

Do it right and do it throughout the interview!

You should feel in you a real desire to join the team, to carry out the missions that we will entrust to you, and to achieve the objectives that we will set for you.

Tip 7: Prepare the Questions to Sell Yourself

Consider preparing some questions like:

  • Why do you think you are the best candidate?
  • Why should we choose you?

It’s really important. When you are in a job interview for a salesperson or sales manager position, you really have to think of this interview as if you are going to sell a product.

And in your case, the product is you!

How do you usually go about selling a product or service?

You highlight the benefits that the customer will derive from it.

You must do the same for you. What are the benefits that the company will reap if they hire you?

Tip  8: ask relevant questions

Last important thing: you must also be able to ask relevant questions.

If you are asked: Do you have any questions?                                                                       

The answer should always be YES!


You show that you are already projecting yourself into the position. This job interview should be the start of a first work meeting.

So you have questions because if tomorrow you are to be selected for the position, you want to understand how things work within this company, what are the difficulties and challenges to be met…

In short, by asking lots of questions and taking notes, you show your interlocutor that you are very involved, that you are ready to take up the great challenges that will be given to you.

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