What is the importance of career guidance?

What is the importance of career guidance?

Career guidance is the guidance given to individuals to help them acquire the knowledge, information, skills, and experience needed to define career options and narrow the scope of one’s career decision. career This professional decision leads to their social, financial, and emotional well-being.

Career Guidance

What is career guidance?

Vocational guidance is also defined as the process by which an individual demonstrates his chances of success in the field, career whether in a specific study career, at a specific level, career important counseling students, counselling help importance right or in a specific professional specialization, and in some degree of qualification.

The educational guidance is concerned with the tendencies of the individual’s interests towards a study, while the point of interest in vocational guidance is concentrated in the total practical abilities of the individual in order to direct him towards a specific profession, or at least towards a pre-defined profession model and re-adapt it to new professions if necessary.


Integration of career guidance

In general, career guidance and counseling are like a complex process consisting of a series of related and interacting processes among them in a way that forms a state of integration career counseling important.

These processes include the following:

  • Choosing the right profession based on the individual’s preferences and abilities career.
  • Preparation and training for the chosen profession.
  • Joining the profession career requires knowledge of the various fields of work of the profession and of the means to help the individual to join it.
  • Advancement and development in the profession by enlightening the individual of the progress, development, and renewal of his profession, and introducing career him to methods that help him advance in his profession.

Career counseling

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Career guidance

It is a deliberate and planned process that includes comprehensive knowledge and the professional career and training dimension, as this process aims to build the human being in quantity and quality, career important counseling students, counselling career help and that in order for the vocational guidance and counseling process to be successful, the professional counselor must be knowledgeable, career educated and qualified for the success of this process, as well as the guidance process must include Career counseling has the power to distinguish.


Elements of career guidance

The process of career is not a process that relies on diligence and personal desires:

  • Looking at the individual as a distinct self. Despite the similarities between all human beings in their personalities, career there are rights between them in the mental and physical aspects.
  • Respecting the individual and recognizing his dignity and his right to choose a suitable profession.
  • Helping individuals to adopt objectivity and practicality in their thinking and behavior, instead of ambition that is not based on a realistic basis.
  • Helping individuals know their strengths and weaknesses when making the appropriate decision to choose a profession.
  • The individual does not choose a profession simply career because he saw the profession successful, or that he saw successful people in it so that he should be led in front of others or enter a profession simply by imitation.
  • Professional guidance for individuals is necessary to achieve the goals of society and face the demands of its economic and social growth. Society needs career specialists in various fields, career important students and directing individuals helps them choose jobs and jobs that benefit society.

Objectives of career guidance

  • Increase the rate of success and progress in the fields of work and study important, and thus reduce academic failure.
  • The individual’s feeling of satisfaction with his work or study.
  • Proper orientation leads to an increase in production, in terms of quantity and quality important career, career important counselling students and to a decrease in unemployment.
  • Reduced rates of work accidents and injuries.
  • The vocational guidance increases the skill of the worker which helps to raise the standard of living.

Importance career counseling

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Career counseling and guidance aim to educate students to discover their aspirations, preferences, qualifications, career important students, counselling and abilities and to provide information about the labor market and available study opportunities in order to link this information with what they know about themselves, choose a future profession, and make appropriate career decisions related to work and learning paths.

  • Career guidance activities
    Provide comprehensive and timely information about the opportunities provided by the education, technical education, vocational training, and higher education career systems to continue learning or change the orientation according to the personal aspirations and preferences of individuals.
  • Helping individuals of all ages and all periods to make a perfect choice of their paths in the field of education, career important counselling students vocational training or to enter the labor market and to behave in their professional path.
  • Providing comprehensive and timely information to individuals and employers about job opportunities and mechanisms for assisting with integration
  • Providing services to individuals and groups in forms that are compatible with their needs
  • Provide all the information that has been referred to and make it accessible in the way closest to those who need it and at the appropriate times.
  • Ensuring the freedom of the individual to choose his educational and professional activity, career in Feb and Mar and Apr and May and within the objectives of the economic and social growth of society.

The importance of vocational guidance


  • Meet the needs of the individual.
  • Meet the needs of society.
  • Expanding the horizons of their knowledge regarding the professional world of work.
  • Their awareness of the factors affecting the world of work.
  • Their awareness of professional values ​​related to work and life.

Labor market and economic development

  • Helps to support the operational and improve the yield of the education and training system.
  • It helps to improve the exploitation of mechanisms of employment and professional integration.
  • Achieving the greatest possible balance between the needs of individuals and the needs of the labor market.

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