How to write an evaluation on the performance of your colleagues

How to write an evaluation on the performance of your colleagues?

Does your boss ask you to rate your co-workers? This is a situation that can make you uncomfortable …

Asking employees to evaluate their colleagues allows managers to have a different point of view of performance within the group, which is especially useful in the context of teamwork. However, this is a situation that can be extremely uncomfortable for the employees in question, since it is always difficult, even in anonymity, to criticize the work of one’s peers! This is why an article published on Career Trend gives several tips for completing an assessment of your colleagues in an adequate way.

Use objective criteria

It will be embarrassing for everyone if you start to criticize a coworker for not always adopting the same working methods as you. Instead, focus on more common standards, such as your colleague’s attendance rate at his post and the mandates he has completed. If there is a problem important enough to be noted, report it.

Measure quality and quantity

In evaluating the quality and quantity of your colleagues’ work, you will surely be a little less objective than in the previous step, but it is always a question of whether your colleagues are doing what they are asked to do, or whether they are going to – beyond that. To still remain neutral in your assessment, compare your colleagues to each other or to the company’s expectations, and try to note notable qualities in the way they work because you are still nice!


Go beyond the requirements

Evaluate the responsibility of your colleagues and their ability to take initiative. Lots of people can meet the demands of their job, but it’s another thing to take initiative and do more than you ask. So when one of your colleagues falls into this second category, it is important to write it down and report it. This will show that you know your peers well.


Look for positive things


This is an assessment and not a criticism that you are being asked to do, so try to find interesting qualities to note about your colleagues. It’s always best to start and end a review with something positive. Be careful, however, not to be overly positive by hiding negative details, otherwise, you may come across as a hypocrite or a selfless person.


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