How to prepare for an Easyrecrue interview

How To Prepare For An Easyrecrue Interview?

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1: Prepare like a pro

The first thing you need to keep in mind when doing a delayed video interview through Easyrecrue is to look professional.

For this, you need to prepare several things before recording your video:

Step 1. Find a location

In the room, you choose there must be enough light.

Ideally, the light should be in front of you. To do this, face a window or install a light source that shines on your face.

You also need to think about your background.

It must be neutral: a white wall or a bookcase will do very well.

And then, it’s common sense, but I’m telling you anyway: remember to clean and take off the socks that are lying around!

Step 2. Install your camera correctly

To perform your Easyrecrue maintenance, you can use your phone or your computer.

If you opt for the phone, consider using a small stand to keep your phone stable while you are recording.

If you decide to do your interview on the computer, it’s easier but you will have to remember to elevate your computer by putting books so that the camera is at your eye level.

It’s much more flattering!

Step 3. Choose a professional outfit

Remember to choose your outfit carefully. You must dress as if you were going to a physical interview.

If you want to have ideas for choosing your outfit, I invite you to see this video: “How to dress in an interview?

OK, once you’ve got the logistics sorted out, let’s get down to the technical stuff.

2. Test the technique

Before making your recording under Easyrecrue, you should do some tests on the platform to make sure that the audio and video recording work optimally.

It would be embarrassing to find out that you have a webcam problem once you start your session!

Test the sound

Small tip, to improve the sound quality of your recording, you can plug in your headphones. This will allow you to amplify your voice and not register all the noises around.

Check the framing

Then, check that you are well framed:

That is to say, your face is in the center of the image!

We don’t just want to see your forehead and even less your double chin (we all have one if it’s taken from below …)

Train yourself

A small tip that is important: one of my customers used it and I find it great!

On Easyrecrue, you have a limited time to answer questions: 3 minutes, 2 minutes, 1 minute, and sometimes not even 30 seconds. Difficult to be concise and punchy on the first take.

What I recommend you do is shoot the first take to find out how much time you have to answer a question and see how it works.

If you are not satisfied, do not continue with the second take right away. You have the time you want between each shot. This being the case, jot down your ideas on a piece of paper and if necessary, you can cut your text and make it fit for the allotted time.

Then practice answering the question out loud by timing yourself.

Repeat your text as many times as necessary. When you’re happy with yourself, save.

For the second take, you will have a clear idea of ​​what to say and will be more comfortable.

Not a bad idea? I am sure you will be better off if you do this!

In any case, that’s how my client proceeded and she passed her Easyrecrue interview with flying colors!

Give all your energy

Another tip to go well on the screen, I advise you to give a lot of energy. You have to give more than when you are face to face.

Don’t be afraid to do too much!

Pay attention to your language

You have time to prepare, so you need to be careful with your language.

No familiar expression is tolerated and we do our best to erase all his language tics such as “uh .. there .. just …”

I want you to make a DYNAMIC, IMPACTING response from someone who WANTS IT!

Finally (I know you are expecting them) let’s move on to the questions that are very often asked on Easyrecrue.

3. The questions that are asked

Here are the questions you absolutely must prepare:

Essential question: “TELL ME ABOUT YOURSELF”

If you don’t know how to answer this question, I invite you to watch my video which explains exactly how to do it: Tell me about yourself – trick question.

You will have two minutes to respond, but remember to prepare a shorter version as well as some companies will only give you a minute or even 30 seconds.

And there it is really very very short. Believe me!

Second question:


It is very important to show that you have learned about the business.

You can also be asked this question:


In this case, you should be able to explain in a few words what you understood from the ad. Be able to be synthetic and explain in 30 seconds what are the challenges of the position.

For juniors, you will also be asked why you decided to work in a particular sector.

Why do you want to orient yourself in communication?

Why do you want to work in the bank?

Why do you want to orient yourself in counseling?

Prepare your answers and your professional project well.

Another question that comes up often:



If you need inspiration, I invite you to download my guide with the 120 admittable faults in the interview.

The one that often happens at the end of the interview:



If you need help answering this question, watch my “Why You?” Video.

And finally, you may be asked “WHAT ARE YOUR WAGE PRETENTIONS? “.

Orally or in writing.

I’m telling you here so you won’t be surprised!

It is very important to inform yourself beforehand so as not to be caught off guard in front of the camera. Introduce yourself with a price range.

If you don’t know how to define your salary expectations, I invite you to watch my video which deals with the subject. It is important not to make any mistakes for the future by giving a price too low or too high. It could be eliminatory …

On D-Day, you must arrive with all the balls because it will be impossible to fake.

Know that to your greatest happiness … deferred video interviews will multiply!

It would take some getting used to.


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