How to Make First Good Impression at the First Job

How to Make First Good Impression at the First Job

Butterflies in the stomach, anxiety, a bit of nervousness, and a bit of insecurity all these elements dominate you when you look at the archway of the company you have recently been recruited into. You might in a jiffy remember all the golden memories of your undergraduate days. There was so much freedom, so less accountability. The transition from a student zone to the professional’s was rather such a short one, phew!

Believe me, all these feelings are utterly natural! Even the most famous and most successful professionals had undergone these feelings. The success laid in the fact how they dealt with these blues prudently. Your first day in your new job is crucial. It unfolds in front of you the vast canvas of professional possibilities. It kind of triggers your imagination and at once forecasts to you where you could be as a professional if you consider things seriously and work diligently.

Thoughts that concern you during the first month of your job

So what they are many like me: As a fresher, you might feel serious about your own position in the company. You might feel you are just one in thousands like you. You need to consider yourself the most enthusiastic and agile in a situation like this. Try to inch up along the hierarchical ladder. Remember: ‘Rome was not built in a day!’

Confusing responsibilities: Since you are a new joiner, you may not be given elaborate works. Please do not get shocked if you are assigned menial work. Don’t get egoistic and let not arrogance block your thinking abilities. Stay firmly grounded and remember that you will not learn the job until you make your hands dirty.

No work: Initially you may not be loaded with work. This period might last for 10-15 days or sometimes even a month. This is the right time to know about the subtleties and nuances of the company’s procedures and processes. You can utilize the time effectively to have a deeper insight into the company, the type of projects it undertakes, etc.

I feel ‘lost’: There is every chance of feeling ‘lost’ in the ocean of the corporate world. Do not let negative thoughts take over you. ‘I am not meant for this’, ‘this is not my place’….these are some common deceptive thoughts. Keep them at bay. Like Ulysses tell yourself ‘To strive, to seek, and not to yield!’

Embarking upon a successful career:

Read all the company literature: Since you will have loads of free time during the initial days of your professional sojourn, read all the big, small publications of your company. You may with your seniors discuss (during coffee and lunch breaks) what is expected from you and what type of technology is put to use in the projects undertaken. This improves your relations with your colleagues and of course with the company.

Slow and steady: Don’t try to scale-up fast. Haste is waste. Some new recruits have the tendency to throw weight around. Be stable and remember that slow and steady wins the race.

Develop discipline: This may be your first job. But this job leaves an indelible impact on your career. Develop discipline. Be punctual. Demonstrate commitment to your work. Develop healthy working habits. Speak when required and speak sensibly then.

Learn from seniors: There might be around you your seniors who are smarter and enterprising. Do not feel shy to learn from them. In fact, you can indulge in a lighthearted conversation with them during lunch breaks and emulate their style.

Attitude: Attitude determines your professional altitude. Your words, prudence, and other activities will place you in good stead among your colleagues. Remember not to be loud and dogmatic. Speak prudently after analyzing your thoughts. Put your words in a logical sequence. Your presence should lighten the atmosphere. Fellow colleagues should address you as a ‘cool’ guy/gal to deal with.

Develop a positive attitude and believe that you will at least require three months to settle down in your new job. Learn better and faster during this period. Fortify relations with colleagues and seniors alike. Do this! I am sure there won’t be any looking back. You will carve an indomitable niche for yourself as a professional.

Wishing you success!

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