How to find the right company for you

How to find the right company for you

It is not easy to find the right job. Most people hope their ‘perfect’ job will earn them some of the best pay on the market while genuinely harnessing their technical expertise and soft skills. According to our Confidence Index, around 22% of employees working in Switzerland surveyed say that, when looking for a new job, 40% are looking for professional development and want to develop their skills. Only 12% plan to change jobs to join a company with a better ethical structure.

Take the time to assess whether a company’s values ​​match yours so that the job of your dreams doesn’t turn out to be the opposite of what you were looking for.

What is corporate culture?

Company culture is: “all the traditions of structure and know-how which ensure an implicit code of behavior and cohesion within the company. », According to the Larousse dictionary.

Why is it important?

Here are a few reasons why corporate culture should matter to you:

  • Productivity increases in a pleasant environment
  • Your professional development improves when you work closely with like-minded people.
  • Most companies emphasize teamwork; if you don’t get along well with your team, it can affect the quality of your work.

What is right for you?

Before you can assess a company’s culture, you need to know what kind of environment you like the most. You are looking for an environment corporate strict? Or something more creative? There is no single answer – you are the only one who knows what is best for you.

Do some research

Take a look at the company’s website. An interactive site and a clear customer journey are signs of a business that values ​​online customers and is likely investing in their online marketing department.

During the interview, pay attention to your surroundings. Are the offices open, promoting an atmosphere conducive to the discussion? If so, it is likely that teamwork plays an important role in the life of the company. On the other hand, offices with many closed spaces probably reflect more individual work.

Do employees display a formal dress code? If you want to work in a creative atmosphere, you may feel more comfortable if the dress code is more casual. During your interview, learn about the mission of the company. Is it focused on profit or on being a socially responsible company? Does the answer match your values ​​and expectations?

Find more practical tips and tricks to get the most out of your job search in our job searching section.

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