Getting the Right Interpersonal Skills

Getting the Right Interpersonal Skills

Getting the right interpersonal skills: Man is no machine. S/He is no island. All the dealings of life and life processes involve multiple interactions with people and peoples. It is the truth! All interactions need not essentially be amiable. There are these spicy and bitter ones too. But anyways ‘interactions’ as such are there. Limiting ourselves to a professional scenario we can comfortably deduce that interactions during professional odysseys need essentially be amiable and congenial.  There are two benefits of having an amicable interaction with people:

  1. There won’t be development of stress owing to a noisome argument
  2. Your journey as a professional would go far and smoother

Having the right skills and tools that facilitate decent interpersonal conversations, transactions and interactions are indispensable to your professional toolbox. Let us take a quick peek into your interpersonal skills toolbox. See whether you have all the tools mentioned herein-there and vice-versa.

Interpersonal Skills Tool 1

  1. Professionalism: This is an indispensable tool in your toolbox of interpersonal skills. In a professional journey you ought to be professional- seldom emotional. You need to express your views candidly. Never speak or utter anything to ‘impress’ someone specific.

Interpersonal Skills Tool 2

  1. Sincerity: Sincerity in speech and conduct get you votes sooner than later. A sincere person gets a greater credence than a person whose speech or behavior is replete in mindless ostentation. Hope you got the message right!

Interpersonal Skills Tool 3

  1. Empathy: An ability to stand in the other person’s shoes and think is a valuable interpersonal skills’ tool. A person that empathizes will certainly have persons empathizing with him/her during harsh times.

Interpersonal Skills Tool 4

  1. Rapport: Talk to others and show genuine interest towards knowing them and their apparent problems. Walk around when free and indulge in some lighthearted, simple conversations with your friends and colleagues. This will keep you knitted closely to all around you. Makes you feel professionally happy and secure.

Interpersonal Skills Tool 5

  1. Confidence:  Confidence is the most powerful of all interpersonal skills’ tools. Confidence is speaking in a clear and lucid pace. It is being rhythmic in action and thought. It definitely doesn’t mean that you need to domineering or overbearing. Confidence is contagious and spreads around.


Now equipped with all the essential interpersonal skills’ tools you are set to take the ever expanding professional world in your stride. In fact these suggestions could be applied to all the processes and procedures of life. When applied, you will find you becoming even more prudent in understanding the nature of people and dealings.

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