Engineering employers: 7 interview questions

Asking the right questions in an interview is essential to discover THE best candidate. Engineering employers, here are 7 essential questions to avoid hiring mistakes.

As a recruiter, you must succeed in obtaining the most accurate portrait of the candidates you interview: qualities/flaws, experience, skills, etc. Nothing should escape your vigilance. And you have to do it all in one hour or less! This is not necessarily easy to accomplish, and there is always the risk of making mistakes, which can cost the business dearly.

To avoid missing a beat when it comes to interviewing a candidate, an article from EngineerJobs offers 7 essential questions to ask during a job interview.

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Is the candidate’s experience relevant?

This question is obvious. After all, no one relies on a florist to do the programming! The candidate you are interviewing must therefore have the experience, or even a position, in the same specialty as the position he is targeting.

Will this candidate be able to work in a team?

Even the most talented individual is not as productive as a tight-knit, successful team. It is therefore important to know if your candidate will be able to work with other engineers. An easy way to assess this skill is to interview two candidates at the same time and have them work on a problem together.

Does the candidate’s profile match the culture of the company?

A candidate’s ability to adapt to the behavior and values ​​of a company is a priority for most recruiters. To assess this ability, you can ask your candidate what things like customer satisfaction or teamwork mean to them.

Is this candidate ready to learn?

A candidate who doesn’t want to learn new things, or who doesn’t take constructive criticism well, will never improve. So, check that your candidate is open on this point by giving him a problem to solve and trying to guide him.

Will this candidate know how to do the right thing?

According to EngineerJobs, the best way to predict if a candidate will accomplish a lot in their next role is to see what they have accomplished in the past. Good candidates are used to tackling recent issues and outdoing themselves. You must therefore try to collect some anecdotes from your candidate to verify his competence.

Does this candidate have the will to accomplish great things?

Surely you are looking for a candidate who is passionate about what he does, so try to spot some excitement in the voice of whoever you interview when he talks about what he does, see if he has been on any projects. in free exploitation, and if it is involved in professional communities. After all, no one wants to hire someone who will be unhappy with their job!

Does the candidate intend to improve?

Engineering is a field that is constantly evolving, that’s why there is a difference between an engineer who has 10 years of experience and an engineer who has 1 year of experience repeated 10 times. You need to see if your candidate has moved on with technological innovations and if he is able to learn to use new tools and knowledge. You should also check if he is curious by nature, and for that, you just have to ask him to tell you about the times when he had to do something for the first time.

In conclusion, if your candidate gives positive answers to all these questions, then you can offer him a place in your company!


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