Work Ethiic

Describe your work ethic

Elaborate on your work-ethic

Why does the employer ask this question?

With this question the employer can make a quick assessment of whether you and your personality will fit right in with the company policies and work values.

What is workplace ethics?

So if I had to give you a definition, what exactly do we mean by workplace ethics? The dictionary definition of workplace ethics is a group of moral principles, specific standards of behavior.

Workplace ethics is something that either you have or you don’t have, and there is no gray or black, or there is nothing in between on that you either have it or don’t. Workplace ethics, my dear friends, is not something that can be taught, but it’s something that you’ve and something that is your morals and principles.

Work ethic

Specific questions that we need to keep in mind when having any doubt in our minds as to whether doing a particular behavior is ethical or not ethical are:

  • Is it legal and fair?
  • Will it hurt anyone if I do this particular behavior
  • Will it make anyone uncomfortable
  • Does it convey, Respect for others

Some of the most valued Work ethic


The first thing which employers would want you to follow hard punctuality; you need to be punctual at the workplace. If you have a reporting time at 10 am in the morning, strive to be there at work 15 minutes before, this shows punctuality.

Also punctuality with regards to ,suppose if you have told your boss or manager that you will submit a particular report or assignment, anything at all, make sure that you get back to them within that timeframe.

That’s punctuality and it’s highly valued at workplace. Employers really expect employees to take responsibility for their actions responsibility for the work that they’re doing.

So never ever try to brush your hands off from the responsibility given to you and be proactive, try and take as much responsibility and initiative and be a leader with regards to that.

Integrity and loyalty

The second thing, with regards to workplace ethics is having a integrity and loyalty. People who have integrity are inherently respected and looked up to.


Integrity is something which is very personal to people and is subjective. An employee should act in a way which shows that they have integrity, and they also have a lot of loyalty. For example: never sharing confidential data of the company or organization with outsiders, that’s a complete, no, no.

So make sure that you show with your actions and behavior that you’re somebody who has a lot of integrity, and somebody who has a lot of loyalty. People should be able to trust you with their words and actions.

What to Avoid Saying

  • Don’t use adjectives until you have anything to back them up: Lists of broad traits that don’t relate to you aren’t helpful.
  • Stay away fromclichés: Are you a dedicated employee? Are you self-motivated? Don’t repeat what the interviewer has heard 100 times.
  • Don’t ever be dishonest: It’s never a good idea to lie during an interview. Your work ethic will most likely be evident in how you respond to other queries and when the prospective employer checks your references.

Let’s look at a few examples to this question

For Freshers,

Let’s see first option,

I am honest and a sincere person with a positive outlook towards life. I complete my work with every iota of perseverance and determination I have.

So being a fresher, you do not need to answer so long for this question because this is a short question you have to only describe your workstyle and be precise to let the employer know the way you do your job, the way you look your job the way you feel your job so just answered in a shortened simple way.

Let’s see next option,

I have a laser focus on work, I am very organized and able to accomplish a lot of work in less amount of time.

So here the fresher interviewee is trying to tell interviewer that he is very focused on his work very organized and he can do more work in less time. Most companies give high regard to an ethical workplace. Work environment today being ethical are hiring people with strong workplace ethics and such people are more appreciated on a global level.

TIP: You need to answer this question in such a short and simple ways.

Third option for freshers,

I am organized and efficient, and I’m able to multitask very well. I’m good in teamwork.

If the job requires team work you can tell this answer that you are organized efficient and you can do good work in team also. With proper work focus mindset a person becomes more responsible and dedicated towards the job, resulting in positive effects on career growth, as well as progress of the company.

Next here we’ll see best answers for experienced professionals,

First option,

You can count me as a devout and genuine person. I am prone to virtuous deeds and hold morals in high standards. In my informal get togethers with a team member, I was able to realize their work pressure, and thus modify the deadline of a project, as a result of it. The team worked enthusiastically and we excel in overall expectations of the client.

So here, the professional with more experience in his work, he’s trying to convince the interviewer that how we handled the team in his previous company by arranging informal get togethers, because these get together helped in reducing the work pressure of the office coworkers, and he got the best results. He completed the projects within the given deadlines.

Second Option:

I am an extremely dedicated and hardworking professional too. I like casual interactions but don’t compromise with my work either. I hold quality of my work as my identity

So here the professional is trying to tell the interviewer that he is dedicated and hardworking, but in his last job evaluation his supervisor noted his quality of professionalism and personality so this can also be a good option for experienced professionals.

You can tell, any other attribute which you feel is suitable according to your job.

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