Engineers: 3 situations where you have to confront your boss

It’s not always easy to confront your boss, but there are times when it’s necessary.

It is obvious that as an employee you must respect the authority of your boss. However, as an engineer (and therefore a professional) there are situations where you will be forced to confront him.

This prospect may make you nervous, but there are a few simple tips on how to do it in the best possible way. The key is to adapt to different situations… Here are three that could lead to a confrontation with your superior.

Confront your boss

When you’re convinced your boss is wrong

There may be times when you are right about something and your boss has a different opinion. However, you don’t necessarily know what to say to him to prove to him that you are right. Now, you can explain to him that you were thinking the same thing but come to a different conclusion. This will spare his ego and earn you his sympathy. He will therefore listen more carefully to your arguments. Plus, if you have facts to back these up, even better. After all, it is impossible to contradict a conclusion whose logic has been proven!

When you have too much work

When you have too much work, you’re bound to reach a point where you need to talk to your boss. You might sound like a crybaby, but if you express yourself correctly, you won’t.

You can explain that you have tried to organize yourself to get the most important tasks done first to show that you are not trying to escape your job. Your boss will have no choice but to lighten your schedule.


When your boss takes too long to give you something

When your boss promises you something but doesn’t keep that promise, you need to talk to them. A situation like this is always delicate, but it is not a dead end.

To gain his sympathy, you can start the conversation by telling your boss that you understand that he has a lot to do. You can then explain why you need the thing he promised you.


In short, confronting your boss may seem difficult, but remember that your boss is as human as you are and will be much more understanding than you might think!

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