Best computer engineering jobs in 2021

Got a computer engineering degree? – You’re in luck. Industry analysts say that computer engineering jobs are the most in demand today. In a fast paced, digitized, computerized world, those that know how to create computer programs and applications rule the world. Almost 80 percent of the world is connected to the Internet and that means that they are connected to each other. Not only are computer engineers making very handsome annual salaries, they are also an integral part of that worldwide connection – and everyday they are building tools to make it more connected. Here are some lucrative job options for computer engineering majors.

Salary and work culture of computer engineering jobs


One of the most common and high paying careers in computer engineering jobs is that of a software engineer. Software engineers work in a number of different fields, industries, and markets. For instance, you might work in the medical field to design platforms and programs for doctors and nurses to use – to track patients and organize records. Among computer engineering jobs a software developer might also design special hardware to go with the software – thus creating an autonomous tool that could benefit millions of people. If that’s the case, people looking for PC wholesale outlets could snatch up one of your products. Starting salaries for computer engineers range between $90,000 and $100,000 dollars – depending on the industry you start with.

Another high paying position in computer engineering jobs is that of a web developer. Today, websites are a little bit like the skyscrapers of yesteryear. However, where the skyscrapers of yesteryear were tangible monuments that shot up into the sky, websites exist digitally. More and more businesses are switching to fully virtual platforms, which is why web developers are so in demand. Web developers are the architects of websites – not just small five page informational sites, but large platforms for multinational businesses and organizations. Starting salaries for web developers are around $75,000, but can quickly shoot into the six-digits.

Computer engineering jobs

Next, you can even become a translator with your computer engineering major. Most web languages are hard to understand by the layman – sometimes these languages are impossible to understand. However, a technical writer’s job is to take that information and language, and translate it so that anyone can understand. They help write books for people who are learning how to use the program, helping them understand the way it works. They might also write how-to manuals for web platforms and applications so that individuals and businesses can learn the program easily and then train their workers to use it as well. Starting salaries for technical writers are around $70,000 or more, depending if you go freelance and work for a number of clients.

Lastly, you could find a high paying position in any one of the major auto, aeronautics, or industrial industries as a hardware engineer. You could be designing interfaces for automobiles, airplane cockpits, or even for large machines used by factories. Whatever the case is, if you have your computer engineering degree – you have the golden ticket and the future is in your hands. Not only will you have a lucrative career in store for you – you will also be doing something that you love.

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