Food is an integral staple of any culture from the U.S. to India and beyond and recently there has been an explosion options of careers for foodies. While we all love to eat a good meal, there are other individuals, classified as “foodies”, who enjoy the entire food and dining experience. If you consider yourself one of these people and have a passion for the food industry you may want to pursue a career in food.

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Here are our list of 5 great careers for foodies

Food stylists   

Not many people know that this is a profession, however we see their work all the time without even realizing! Food stylists work to make food look beautiful and exquisite. They may work in a variety of settings such as on a film set or a photography studio. These individuals design and primp the food we see in commercials and in movies, making them look absolutely delectable for a certain effect on a restaurant ad campaign or a menu. They are often former chefs who use their mastered skills of misting, torching, pinning, arranging and propping to wow audiences and make you salivate!

Food educators

Food educators are becoming more and more prominent as people are looking for alternatives to strict, crash diets. Instead, food educators are helping to inform people about good eating habits so that we can begin to transform our food lifestyles and eat in a more mindful and nutritious manner. Some educators work to educate children about good eating habits at an early age for lifelong health. Others work with adults to teach about balanced meals, harvesting homegrown plants, or how to cook healthy meals at home quickly and easily.          

Food writers and bloggers

Food writers and bloggers are becoming more and more prominent and influential as the Internet presents numerous opportunities for writers to connect with an interested, engaged online fan base. Writers are able to share their knowledge and food experiences with “followers” of their blog pages or social media sites. Some write restaurant reviews while others scope out places like the best farmer’s markets around a certain area.

careers for foodies

Molecular gastronomist

If you are a foodie and a lover of science, why not combine your two passions? For the brainy food lovers out there, a career as a molecular gastronomist can provide you with the best of both worlds. Molecular gastronomists find ways to “re-create” foods using different substances and chemicals for the same effect, For example, a molecular gastronomist would create a mock or faux caviar by using a spherification process with specific solutions to create a replica of caviar that looks and tastes “real” but was actually created in a lab.

Research chef

Finally, you may also choose a career path as a research chef. These chefs are called upon when someone has a new food idea. The researcher would produce the foods and then keep track of data and statistics regarding how people respond to the new product. This is how restaurants determine if they want to add an item to their menu. In addition, a researcher may get involved in the marketing aspect of a food product such as the label or the name based on the feedback they receive through the r scientific research and data collection.

A career in the food industry has a wide array of different and unique options. No longer is the food industry limited to waiting tables, serving with a company like New Colony Caterers, or managing a restaurant. Now, the sky is the limit and you can find a niche in the food industry that allows you to shine and share your passions with others.

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