7 tips for getting an internal promotion

7 tips for getting an internal promotion

Tip 1: Set up an action plan

Setting goals for yourself is really essential to advance your career.

For this, you must be ambitious: identify the position of your dreams and define the different stages to get there.

Most professionals do not and let the chance do it for them. If you let yourself be guided, you may get lucky and maybe get a job you like or stagnate and not be recognized by your superiors for your skills.

So the first thing you need to do is clearly identify the positions that make you dream within your company and then define the different stages that will allow you to get there.

For this, I invite you to do, is to ask yourself 3 questions

  • Who do I partner with to move forward?
  • What skills do I need to acquire for this position?
  • When should I talk to my manager about my project or HR?

Tip 2: learn from others

No need to look like a shark when you want to develop professionally.

On the contrary, take time to congratulate your colleagues when they do a good job. Take the opportunity to understand how they proceeded to obtain the same results.

Each company has its own way of operating. So understanding the circuits and shortcuts to success is an essential step to shine in business.

Tip 3: Be visible

Most of the time when you work, you just do your job well. This is not enough in business.

A good job will not necessarily get you promoted.

You must first position yourself on subjects that are visible: subjects that are sensitive to your management.

It is by successfully completing these missions that you show your management that you are an employee with a lot of potentials.

Tip 4: Communicate about your results

If you don’t share your successes, no one in your company will know you are exceptional.

You should therefore communicate at least once or twice a week on your results.

If you listen to what I’m telling you, you will make tremendous progress. You will change your positioning within the company and show that you are an essential element.

And the next promotion will be for you.

Tip 5: Make yourself essential

It is important that you are identified as an expert in a field. The added value that you bring to the team must be clearly identified. You don’t have to blend in.

And, be prepared to help everyone, and in particular, of course, your manager. Make yourself essential.

Make sure your manager always thinks of you when they need something.

Tip 6: Train yourself

You need any prerequisites for the position you are looking for. To do this, take the time to talk to the people who hold these positions to find out:

  • their journey,
  • their training,
  • which is really essential to be successful in this position.

This will allow you to identify your areas for improvement. Train yourself to become a legitimate candidate. You can request to take internal training or use your CPF (personal training account) if necessary.

Showing that you are training is a good way to differentiate yourself and show your professional involvement. This shows that you are ready to take the next step: to be promoted.

Tip 7: Talk about your wish to grow

You do not have to wait for the position to become available to position yourself. You need to start showing your interest 6 to 8 months before the move if you don’t want a colleague stealing your job.


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