7 Questions To Ask The Recruiter During A Job Interview

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A job interview is not one-way: you too can ask the person in front of you questions!

Imagine that you have come to the end of your job interview and that everything has gone well. You are almost convinced that you will get the job. And now the recruiter asks you if you have any questions… and you freeze completely! Lucky for you, this article gives you seven relevant questions to ask a recruiter during an interview.

What are your expectations?

By asking this question, you show that you care about meeting the company’s expectations. It’s also a good opportunity to learn more about what you will need to do in this position. And also what you should avoid doing.

What are the main objectives of this work?

You can ask the recruiter what a typical day at the office looks like. This will allow you to better understand what will be expected of you on a daily basis. Also ask the recruiter what you should do to start off on the right foot. This will help you prepare better and see if this position is really for you.

What skills are needed for this position?

This question is similar to the previous ones and will help you determine if you really have what it takes to do the job well that you are asked to do. It is also an opportunity to learn what qualities are valued in the company, and to put them to the fore.

When do you expect to make your decision?

You might be uncomfortable with this question, but it’s best to ask it to see if you’ll need to come back for a second interview and how long you’ll have to wait for a definitive answer. You will be able to call the recruiter back to follow up on the date he has communicated to you.

Do you have any hesitation regarding my application?

If you really want this job, don’t hesitate to ask the recruiter if they have any doubts about you. This will allow you to clarify what is not clear to the recruiter, answer any additional questions they may have, and reassure them. Asking this question will also prove that you can take criticism and that you are willing to improve.

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What kind of supervision do you practice?

You can ask this question to see if you’re going to end up with a hellish boss, or just a boss who doesn’t match your personality. It’s also a good way to know how to satisfy him and get his good graces.

What do you like about your job here?

If the person conducting the interview takes too long to answer this question, you should be alerted. On the other hand, if she is passionate and can quickly give you several reasons why she is happy to get up in the morning to come to work, you will know that you will probably be happy in this business.

In short, by anticipating these questions, you will be able to arrive at your job interview fully prepared!

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