5 types of engineers to avoid!


One might think that all engineers know how to demonstrate professionalism, but this is unfortunately not the case …

You know what they say: if you can’t spot the toxic employee of the company where you work, it is because you are that employee …

For most companies, incompetent employees are real bad news, but it is even more so for engineering companies because this incompetence impacts the entire team. This is why an article published on GineersNow lists five types of engineers to avoid to ensure the well-being of their business!


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1. The mess

This kind of engineer is very comfortable with being disorganized and passive. He usually lacks credibility, and relies too much on others when it comes to correcting his mistakes. Engineers like this are doomed to perpetual failure if they don’t take more responsibility, or at least try to improve.


2. The slacker

If at least mess can be useful from time to time, the lazy person is not at all productive: he is not very motivated, he does not manage his time well, and considers the imposed deadlines as suggestions. Not only is he a burden, but he takes the team with him, wasting everyone’s time, energy, and motivation!


3. The martyr

You can become toxic when you don’t do enough, but you can also become toxic when you do too much! This is the case of the martyred engineer, the one who would be ready to work until dying to be able to say how much he sacrifices himself for the good of a project. Most of the time, when the martyr is stressed, it is his own fault, even if he has the annoying habit of throwing his stress on the backs of his colleagues. And his accumulated fatigue can, in the long run, have a detrimental effect on his performance at work …


4. The socialite

Some engineers seem to have difficulty discerning which moments of leisure and those of work. It’s a good thing to make friends at work and have a little fun, but you shouldn’t spend all of your time there either! Yet that’s what the socialite does, and it quickly becomes annoying. By doing this, he often does not perform the tasks delegated to him and he slows down his entire work team.


5. The sociopath

This type of engineer knows how to be efficient, but the problem is that he is as tyrannical and megalomaniac as Stalin! He doesn’t care about protocols and authority, and he never hesitates to manipulate or sabotage his colleagues to achieve his ends. This is not good for teamwork, especially in the context of engineering, where rigor and respect for standards are essential!


So, do you recognize one of your colleagues in one of the profiles listed above? Worse yet, do you recognize yourself? If so, do your best to correct the faulty behavior before making it worse!



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